'Watcha Want From Me' & 'Miss Mess' Single Out Now.

Warming up the end of the summer, Brooklyn Funk Essentials release the single ‘Watcha Want From Me’ / ‘Miss Mess’ on Dorado Records. Currently topping Spotify’s All Funked Up playlist, ‘Watcha Want From Me’ is a re-work of the Frankie Knuckles featuring Adeva song from Knuckles’ 1995 album ‘Welcome To The Real World’. Brooklyn Funk Essentials leader Lati Kronlund was one of the co-writers of the original, and here the band have given it an uptempo boogie vibe with Alison Limerick on co-lead vocals, and also sharpened the lyrics to make them reflect the seemingly never-ending plight for civil rights.

‘Miss Mess’ is a psychedelic kraut dub joint, where saxophonist Anna Brooks weaves dreamy melodies over drummer Hux Flux’s broken beats. The song came together as a studio jam during sessions fro the ‘Stay Good’ album, which is currently in the pressing plants for an early autumn release.

'Ain't Nothing' is BFE's springtime single

Following in the success of ‘No Strings’, which was released just before Christmas and quickly racked up over half a million digital spins, Dorado Records are releasing BFE’s ‘Ain’t Nothing’ worldwide on all digital platforms on May 3. This groovy neo-soul number is a call for us to unite and get back on a path to a better future, as “there ain’t nothing we can’t do - together”. This is another track from the forthcoming album, which is now scheduled for release on August 23 on all media. Watch this space for more news on that.

No Strings - New BFE Single Out Now

Alison Limerick and Desmond Foster in the video for No Strings.

Filmed on location at Roadtrip Bar in London and at Atlantis Studios in Stockholm, No Strings is a first taste of the upcoming new album by Brooklyn Funk Essentials. The first featuring their new lead vocalist, Alison Limerick.

The song, which is a loving nod to 80s boogie disco, was written by BFE’s Lati Kronlund and Mr. ‘Cool With Nature’ - Carlton McCarthy. It features lead vocals by Limerick and Desmond Foster, who also plays guitar. Anna Brooks and Iwan VanHetten are featured on horns with Kronlund and Hux Flux Deluxe on bass and drums, respectively.

The video was shot by Mathias Juhlin, Joakim Zetterstrom and Lars Kronlund, who also edited.

Special thanks to Paul Daly, Omar Hoxton and Elias Juhlin.

Where Love Lives is the new single from Brooklyn Funk Essentials

Twenty-eight years after its initial release, Alison Limerick’s debut single ‘Where Love Lives’ is still on heavy rotation by top DJs in clubs around the World. As a third generation of clubbers and ravers get down to its uplifting lyrics and that infectious piano riff, calling it a classic is almost an understatement. It was a UK Top 10 single upon its re-release in 1996 and was voted “Best Dance Single of All Time” by MixMag Magazine that same year. In BBC Radio 2’s Listeners & DJ’s Poll “The Greatest Ever Dance Record” (2008), ‘Where Love Lives’ came in at #5 after Michael Jackson’s ‘Billy Jean’, James Brown’s ‘Sex Machine’, Donna Summer’s ‘I Feel Love’ and Derrick May’s ‘Strings Of Life’.

‘Where Love Lives’ was written and produced by Lati Kronlund, who soon after the record’s first release, left London and settled in New York where he started the Brooklyn Funk Essentials together with legendary producer Arthur Baker and a selection of the city’s best young musicians, singers, poets and DJs.

Fast forward five BFE albums later to January 2016, as Alison does a cameo performance with BFE at Ronnie Scott’s jazz club in London. They end the set with a funky rendition of ‘Where Love Lives’, hugely appreciated by the audience and the band. Consequently, Alison joins the band and becomes their new lead singer.

June 15 sees the international release of Brooklyn Funk Essentials’ recording of ‘Where Love Lives’ on Dorado Records with Ms Limerick on lead vocals. “It’s a funky version, played all live in the studio by the band”, says Kronlund on a Skype-line from Stockholm, where the band has gathered to record their sixth studio album. “It is really a tribute to the Frankie Knuckles and Dave Morales remix of the song from the early nineties, but also to the Philly disco and Chicago house that was the song’s original inspiration”, he continues.

BFE are taking time between sessions in the studio to play a few select shows this summer, starting in Paris at New Morning on June 29 and hitting London’s Jazz Café on July 19.