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KR (France) November 2015

 Jazz FM (France) November 2015

Jazz FM (France) November 2015

Echoes (UK) November 2015

 France Télévisions  (France) November 2015

France Télévisions (France) November 2015

 BSC News (France) November 2015

BSC News (France) November 2015

 Blues & Soul (UK) December 2015

Blues & Soul (UK) December 2015

 Okayplayer (USA)  November 2015

Okayplayer (USA) November 2015

True to its name, [‘Blast It!’] is brimming with high-voltage frequencies, anchored by a simple groove and an uplifting mantra that permeates. Strings soar, muted guitar licks strut in the ‘Funky Space Reincarnation’ vein and the whole things wreaks of sweat on the dance floor.
— Okayplayer

Brooklyn Funk Essentials evoke a party in full swing, with jams that simultaneously tickle the ears and move the body
— Interview

The house band of your dreams, they explode the dictionary of funk with fearsome authority. And their multilayered attack, led by a three-man strong horn section and powered by a looping jazz-inflected muscle, makes them even better live
— The New Yorker

Brooklyn Funk Essentials performed at several movies and TV-series, such as:

Cool and Steady and Easy est le brilliant acte de naissance de Brooklyn Funk Essentials, un collectif de musicians avant-gardistes issus de la scène rap/funk/ jazz de New York
— L’affiche

“Billboard Albums of The Year 1995:
1. Brooklyn Funk Essentials - Cool and Steady and Easy (RCA)
2. Greg Osby – Black Book (Blue Note)
3. Hami – The Funky Descendant (Capitol)
4. Herbie Hancock – Dis Is A Drum (Mercury)
5. Quincy Jones – Q’s Jook Joint (Warner Bros.)
6. D’Angelo – Brown Sugar (EMI)
— Billboard

Brooklyn Funk Essentials on Singapore TV in 2008

Using as a foundation the thick gristly rhythms laid down by drummer Yancy Drew and bassist Lati Kronlund, the rotating array of musicians and singers proved they could play nice and easy (as on the smoky Istanbul Twilight or nice and rough (the hard-charging Selling Out, which was bolstered by Everton Sylvester’s kinetic delivery
— Variety

BFE demonstrates remarkable growth on this album, plowing through complex material with confidence and dexterity. It’s easy to envision any of these tracks filling dancefloors to sweaty capacity within seconds…
A hidden treasure, this set deserves widespread attention
— Billboard