Stay Good - Vinyl Album (2019)

bfe 'stay good' 2019 album artwork.jpg
bfe 'stay good' 2019 album artwork.jpg

Stay Good - Vinyl Album (2019)

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'Stay Good' - released on September 20, 2019 on Dorado Records, worldwide. The vinyl album features extended versions of several songs, which will not be available on streaming services.


A1. Stay Good (6:49)

A2. No Strings (extended version) (5:40)

A3. Watcha Want From Me (extended version) (7:06)

A4. Miss Mess

B1. Funk Ain't Ova (3:51)

B2. Ain't Nothing (extended version) (5:06)

B3. Y todavìa la quiero (7:19)

B4. Where Love Lives (extended version) (6:40)

Brooklyn Funk Essentials are:

Anna Brooks - sax & vocals

Hux DeLuxe - drums

Desmond Foster - lead vocals & guitar

Lati Kronlund - bass

Alison Limerick - lead vocals

Iwan VanHetten - trumpet, keyboards & vocals

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