Cool Review From Istanbul

Photographs by Richard Ahlstrom ©

Photographs by Richard Ahlstrom ©

The brand new Babylon Bomonti club in Istanbul, was packed out as BFE played two steaming sets on September 12.

Opening their doors this month Babylon Bomonti naturally hosts a guest that made Babylon what it is today.

This trouper is none other than Brooklyn Funk Essentials. Funky assembly is at the core of best memories at Babylon bridging the cultures on the stage. How many times did we all sway to the rhythm of “İstanbul Twilight” as soon as we heard it? Didn’t we instantly become best buddies with total strangers while dancing and hopping to “Ska Ka-Bop” together? These are the guys responsible for all that.

Formed by the producers Arthur Baker and Lati Kronlund in 1993 Brooklyn Funk Essentials assembles at Babylon Bomonti to establish an intercultural musical bridge connecting people with its sound ably blending jazz, funk and hip hop genres performed by musicians from Jamaica, Puerto Rico, Surinam, Sweden and even New Orleans.

And enhancing the mix with local vibes, musicians and poets is dressed up to take all fans young and old on a musical time travel at Babylon Bomonti. On the show, Hüsnü Şenlendirici takes the stage with the band. All fun breaks loose as the clock strikes midnight, you mark our words.


Photographs by Richard Ahlstrom ©

Backstage at Babylon Bomonti members of BFE are snuggling up with Hüsnü Senlendirici and club manager Ahmet Ulug.

Photographs by Richard Ahlstrom ©

Hüsnü and Lati backstage.

Photos by Richard Ahlstrom