Flea Market Funk front page feature on 'Funk Ain't Ova' this week with link to new 'Gabriel' video.

BFE video Premier at Flea Market Funk and their Facebook, Twitter or Instagram page.

Flea Market Funk? Flea Market Funk is an all vinyl site focusing on Funk, Soul, Jazz, Hip Hop and Reggae music based out of Jersey City, NJ. They has you covered from dusty 45’s to out of print LPs to sampling to live music to Modern Funk and Soul to producing and more.

They say funk is what you make it, and they make the best kind
— fleamarketfunk.com
    Click on image for Flea Market Funk -   Photo by   Richard Ahlstrom  .


Click on image for Flea Market Funk - Photo by Richard Ahlstrom.