Lati's Beatle-bass breaks in two during Paris concert

In the middle of performing Big Apple Boogaloo, Lati Kronlund's Hofner bass suddenly snaps in two leaving him holding a neck in one hand, and the body in the other. But the band played on, with Iwan VanHetten doubling on synth bass in addition to piano, trumpet and vocals.

The band wants to extend the deepest gratitude towards the kind member of the audience who was able to lend Lati another bass, on which he could finish playing the concert.

After having endured the -40 degrees centigrade of the airplane luggage hold, the +30 degrees of the steaming sweaty New Morning club was probably just too much for the glue of the fifty year old German instrument. Talk about a hard day's night! The bass is currently being fixed and should be back on the road in time for the upcoming shows in August.