It's official - BFE are back with Dorado Records

This week, Brooklyn Funk Essentials signed a new deal with Dorado Records - the same label that released their debut album Cool & Steady & Easy back in 1994 as well as the follow-up Make Them Like It, in 2000. The first release on Dorado will be the brand new Funk Ain't Ova album, which should reach record shops by the first week of November, worldwide. 

"We're extremely happy to be back with Dorado again", says BFE band leader Lati Kronlund from the band's studio, and continues: "It fits in perfectly with the back-to-the-roots ambition of the new album, and it's always been a pleasure working with Ollie (Buckwell) and the Dorado crew. The understand what we're about and give us maximum support."

The label, which has it's main offices in Miami and London, are planning a substantial promo campaign for the new BFE record, and the band will be supporting it by global touring. Together, they expect to take BFE to parts of the world where they have not played before.