No Strings - New BFE Single Out Now

Alison Limerick and Desmond Foster in the video for No Strings.

Filmed on location at Roadtrip Bar in London and at Atlantis Studios in Stockholm, No Strings is a first taste of the upcoming new album by Brooklyn Funk Essentials. The first featuring their new lead vocalist, Alison Limerick.

The song, which is a loving nod to 80s boogie disco, was written by BFE’s Lati Kronlund and Mr. ‘Cool With Nature’ - Carlton McCarthy. It features lead vocals by Limerick and Desmond Foster, who also plays guitar. Anna Brooks and Iwan VanHetten are featured on horns with Kronlund and Hux Flux Deluxe on bass and drums, respectively.

The video was shot by Mathias Juhlin, Joakim Zetterstrom and Lars Kronlund, who also edited.

Special thanks to Paul Daly, Omar Hoxton and Elias Juhlin.